Monday, December 15, 2008

Ice Age 2008

Frozen pine tree

When I wrote about me wining the cake competition on Tuesday I was imagining this wonderful weekend, full of cinnamon smell, warm cookies, baked marshmallows, gift wrapping and stories by the fire.
Our week starting from Wednesday until today ( Monday) turned out quite different.
Tuesday the weather was bad, but this is usual here, so nobody paid attention, but when our power went out on Wednesday that was the beginning of the end of my "dreamy" weekend.
Such an ice storm wasn't seen around here in 20 something years!
Well, we got lucky!
And I mean, seriously! There were people injured from failing trees, cars broken, roofs pierced by collapsing trees, no heat, no warm water, flooding, closed roads...
Governor Patterson said we are in a state of disaster, not even emergency.
It was quite a trial, but again- WE GOT LUCKY!
We were 4 days with no electricity, this is our 6 day with no hot water, probably because of the flood our 2 year old water heater is not starting and the plumber was so busy he couldn't come earlier than tomorrow...
It's a mess, but still, we checked in a hotel with the dog ( I was so worried what we are going to do, but it turns out that there are hotels, and good ones, that take people with dogs).
The kids had a blast of course, they had the pool in the hotel :-) and the whole thing was "very exciting".
How easy is for something like this to shatter your perfect little world in seconds!
I didn't take that much pictures, because it was dangerous to stay outside, there were trees falling, even a branch fell next to me while I was shooting with the camera, so I got inside.
It was ( and still is) incredibly beautiful though!!! I can't believe something so scary can be so beautiful at the same time!
See for yourself here.
( Everything that you see on the pictures is ice, not snow!)
I just hope we are going to get lucky and get some hot water tomorrow!
Stay warm!

Monday, July 28, 2008

News, news, news!!!

Hi all!!!
I have been so busy!!! We finally painted the kitchen, it put a hell of a fight, but so far we win! :-) There is a lot of finishing work we need to do, but it is getting there! :-) Imagine my surprise, when I saw that under the wallpaper we had there, there was a ....countertop!!! Can you imagine?! Who on Earth puts wallpaper on top of a countertop?! Not to mention how unbelievably impossible it is to remove the wallpaper glue that has been stuck to it for God knows how long!
I don't even want to begin with the cabinets, when I tried to wash them ( with soap and water) the varnish fell off! I couldn't believe my eyes! So now, we bought sander and varnish stripper, so we can repaint them. When? I haven't the foggiest! I am trying to put together the children's room, although we are not painting this one now. We are ready for school with all the stuff I had to buy ( boy, these kids grow up fast!)
At the same time I managed to hurt my hand in a stupid accident ( I was going to fall and I was trying to protect my new camera, so I hit the wall with my elbow). It definitely wasn't broken but my hand hasn't been the same since. I'll go to see a doctor this week, because after I made the cake for the cake challenge, I couldn't even move my fingers. :-(
But...the good news is that the cake turned out the way I wanted it to be!
Just be patient! I have A LOT OF PICTURES, but I can show them after 1st of August, when the challenge is officially over. I'll post even my album collection on Flickr, so you can all see the other cakes too! So far we 28 people are participating and the theme is a " wedding cake" :-)
I would not tease you more...just one more thing- my cake had a lot of pipping! :-)Oh, and I tried some new recipes as well! :-)
And at last but not least, these are pictures with my new camera! Thank God I have something decent to take pictures with! The last year was unbelievable with the old broken one!

Hope you all have a great summer !!!

P.S Beth, you are added as well ;-)

Friday, June 6, 2008

The Fringe Benefits of Failure, and the Importance of Imagination

The commencement speech of J.K Rowling at the Annual Meeting of the Harvard Alumni Association"
This is one of the best and most inspiring speeches I've ever heard! Not that I am fan of J.K Rowling, but especially considering it as a commencement speech ( usually the speaker is as bored as the audience), it brought me to tears and it made me laugh in 20 minutes!
Although J.K Rowling was obviously very nerveous beeing infront of the audience, but who isn't? I remember when I had to speak at a Commencement ceremony and 500 people were stareing at me, I thought I would have a heart attack, and the University definitely wasn't Harvard :-). She just blew me away today! She is very earthly, very real, to the point you can feel her pain and join her joy just by listening to her! She is one of the people I would love to meet someday!
I hope you enjoy the speech as much as I did!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Garden that did not die!

It is a wonderful Spring day! At last!!! I was dying for a little bit of sun!
Do you sometimes give flowers as a gift? Do you have a friend that always "kills" the flowers you give them? Well, that's me! I can never grow anything, no matter how hard I try! In fact, I think it is some sort of special gift some people have- growing stuff! But I am nothing like my mom. She on the other hand is an excellent gardener! She had a huge winter garden on her balcony of her apartment and I have to tell you, whatever she touched- it grew!
I've tried talking to the plants, I've tried watering them, "feeding"them special food. No luck!
Can you believe that in my hands even the simplest cactus died?! I don't think this has ever been known to happen before I came in :-)
My picture has to be posted on the front page of the " Botanical heaven today" with a " Beware plants!" sign!
Anyway..that is why I am SOOOO PROUD of myself that not only I didn't manage to wipe from the face of the earth the garden we inherited from the previous owners of the house, but in fact I made it better than it was!
Now, don't expect miracles, I am not saying it is the best garden in the world, but still, it is something I never knew can happen!
And until now I never knew why my mom was so appreciative of her plants, of the simple act of "giving life" to them. Now I do, and it awesome!
The picture is of some of the flowers from my garden!

Monday, February 25, 2008

It's Spring Cleaning Day, as Rabbit said

No food today, sorry guys :-)
I have been extremely busy since the beginning of the year, an awful start for that matter, many bad things happened but I am looking deeply in Phil's eyes ( I am talking about the groundhog, honey,relax) and I can just see it there...the Spring coming! No matter the shadow, he is telling me in a hypnotic voice " The sooner Spring cleaning day comes, the sooner Spring comes!". So, (un-)voluntarily I go to Lowe's and pick up the whole paint( -brush) paraphernalia, and head home relaxed, broke and happy!
Today is Spring Cleaning Day! Let's go guys!!!
Hmmm guys?
Where is everybody?!
Oh, yeah! NOW you remembered you had a dentist appointment?!
And you have homework?!
Yeah, right!!!
Well, it turns out ( surprisingly of course, the sleepy eyes in the store and the bored look were just signals they are tired...right?!) I am the only one that got the renovation bug.
Surprise, surprise!
Well, I have so many cakes to make this season, that I just can't imagine when I'm going to find the time to make them, but I'll keep you posted and when there is anything new, I'll definitely update you.
Now I'm going to look at palette colors and decide between Orange gaze and Pumpkin pleasure for the kitchen!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

My gift for you

Happy New year!!!
I wish all of you to do better than the best you can do, to be better than the best person you can be and to get better results than the best ones you deserve in 2008!
I wish to than my good friend Will for the New year's present he gave me and I want to share it with you:

The Gift

I hope you get as much use of it as I do!

See you soon!

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