Thursday, July 30, 2009

" Julie&Julia"- the movie

The scene:
Early morning yesterday.
I've send Kid No.1 to school, my husband to work and was trying to catch some more Z's after a long night ( a lot of pyrographed boxes for the festival).

5 minutes after I snuggled with Kid No.2 and closed my eyes for a second time my cell rings.
Now, before I continue let me tell you something about my cell phone. You probably have heard about people buying an alarm clock by the way the alarm sounds, right? That's how I chose my cell phones- the nastier, the better. In other words, my cell phone is my alarm clock and it's alarm can wake up the dead. Seriously.
So, my phone rang but I was so tired that I couldn't open my eyes before I picked it up, so I had no idea who is calling at first, but tried to sound " not sleepy" anyway.

The conversation:
( very sleepy me)
- Yeees?
( a quite awake and fresh, but with great urgency voice on the other side)
- You've got to find somebody to drop the kids off tonight!!! Call your friends, just find somebody!!!

That's a lot of exclamation points for this early in the morning, after you worked the whole night before, believe me! After the 1 min of total silence that took me to process what I've just heard I came to 2 conclusions:
1. that was my husband
2. he wants me to get rid of the kids for the night

What on earth could that mean? We rarely go anywhere, so something must have happened! As a good wife, mother and woman, the kaleidoscope of Apocalypse pictures runs full speed trough my head. He finally says:
- I have a surprise for you!
That does it. A surprise is a big red flag, so the yellow light and the siren in my head have me awake in no time.
- What kind of surprise? What are you talking about? Did something happen? Are you all right? ( and so on and so forth with the speed of light)
As you can probably tell, I am not very big on surprises. Quite honestly, it's not that I don't like them. It's just I can't be surprised easily and the few times anybody managed, it was far from a pleasurable experience, so I have my reasons.
He goes:
- Do you want to be surprised or not?
- I would rather not, if you may.

Now for a 10 year marriage my beloved husband have learned not to question my quirkiness with things like that so:
- Well, I just got a pass for a pre premier showing of " Julie& Julia"
There is a big loud scream on my side at this point and then:
- Oh, my God, oh my God!!!! How? Who? When? How???
- It's in the fingers, baby! It turns out your husband is quite fast?

Now I'm puzzled what he means while he laughing clarifies that :
- One of the colleagues sent an e-mail saying she has a pass for 2 for the movie and asked if anybody wants it. I guess I was the first one to respond with and e-mail. ( he is quite smug about it) :-)
And I'm happy! Boy, you can't imagine how happy I am! Going out on a week night to see a movie I very much wanted to see, with no kids and with a perfect excuse to wear my new black skirt and show the world how much weight I've lost ;-)
God bless the colleagues with passes and the husbands with fast fingers! ( and remind me to bake this lady something!)

A hundred million plans go through my head and until I finally find somebody to take care of the kids for the night.
Now I'm afraid that something might jinx us ( as it usually happens with parents) and somebody might get sick or something, so I keep my mouth shut and pray. I can't believe this! I have NEVER seen a movie before it officially comes out in the movie theaters! And I sooooo wanted to see this movie!
It was only poring cats and dogs outside! Yupeeee!!!

While walking out of the theater with my fancy strap sandals my feet got wet, but I didn't feel it. I could have been run over by a car and I wouldn't feel it! I was writing! I was writing in my mind this review and I had all these phrases that I wanted to use and all this cool stuff to say....I couldn't wait to get home, jump in my pj's, grab a cup of tea and write!And that's what I am doing right now, though I'll probably publish this post tomorrow, since it's very late and I don't want to publish stuff I am not sure I didn't write half asleep ( it actually happened one time! :-).

So, for those of you ( shame on you!) who don't know what is the movie about you can see the trailer of course, but in a couple of words, the movie is about Julie Powell and Julia Child. Julie Powell started a project- a year assignment to make every single recipe in Julia Child's cook book. They are both real and their stories are real. The movie is based on Julie Powell's book and it is a parallel between the two women's lives.

All in all, I loved the movie, but why is the more serious question. I have a simple answer.
I loved it, because I could very much relate to it. It's like it was written about me, like my life was on the screen and I could see it from the perspective of someone, sitting in a movie theater, nibbling on popcorn and saying " Yes, you are indeed like that".

I've got the list, I'm not kidding:
- Turning 30 this year- check
- Crazy about cooking - check
- Looking for my life's meaning and purpose- check
- Lovely, supporting husband- check
- a Blogger blogger- check
- series of unfortunate events happening through life- check
- A passion to write but not sure if I can- check

What else is missing?
Aaaah, the happy ending of course!!! it, really? Is it too late? Too early?

We'll see( about that) !!! :-) :-) :-)

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Harry Potter and the Half-blood Prince Movie Review

I just came home from the movie theater and I simply had to share with you, otherwise it would have burst out of me like an alien.

I have very mixed feelings about this movie.

For me it's maybe the most controversial from the series ( and I have seen them all a million times).
I am honestly puzzled! What is the target audience that David Yates aims, seriously? Is it teenagers? Is it kids? Is it adults? I have been sitting in the theater and I have been trying to figure that out, but I really couldn't tell. The poor guy is trying so hard, that he totally missed the point of creating this movie!

And the poor editing, ah the poor editing!!! The movie seemed like separate shots glued together with Windows movie maker! And this is the theatrical version, God help us when the DVD comes out!

So, let me sum up the movie for you,
-one moment Harry is having this teenage crisis with girls, the next one he is dumb-struck from a luck potion, sheepish smiles everywhere,Hermione is one moment crying, then she is attacking Ron with humming birds, her date is throwing up on Snape's shoes, Harry almost kills Draco in the restroom and then just walks out of it with waltzing steps without anybody saying him a word about it,a lot of snogging everywhere, a lot of "funny" ( dumb and dumber style)moments, 5 minutes of Daniel Radcliffe's T-shirt in the right corner and Dumbledore's beard in the left corner of the screen ( when he is dead),Dumbledore takes interest in Harry's love life (what the heck was that all about?!)...should I go on?

Seriously, it looked like half ( if not all) of the actors in the set were playing high most of the time. I have seen these people ACT and they are brilliant! What on earth is this director thinking into leading them to act like lunatics?!

I grant Yates couple of things that were OK, like the bridge attack and the moment everybody in the school sees Dumbledore is dead and raising their wands, I liked the metaphor of burning Weasley's house, although it's not in the book I think it served it's purpose, but other than that there were a lot more important things that were omitted and I don't even dare predict what are they going to pull out of their hats to fix that in the next 2 movies.

And it's not like they lacked time, it's almost 3 hour movie for Pete's sake!

I have learned ( through practice) to look at the other movies as a separate entity, not as a book transcript and this have served me well though the years. I have really, really enjoyed all of them, once I ignored my knowledge of the books. This of course is true for the most movies shot by a book too.
But I have a real difficulty with this one. I am totally confused by it and by what exactly was the director's intention on adding new totally useless stuff and skipping really important parts.

So, in other words I'll watch it again, but only because I am such a huge fan of the series and I love the actors in the movie and when I watch it, I'll imagine how the things happened in the book and how the movie SHOULD HAVE been shot.

But for me, David Yates showed us AGAIN he is the wrong person for the job by taking this huge budget, this brilliant set of actors and turning an amazing book into a bunch of rubbish.

Well, he succeeded in one thing. I'm seriously starting to pray everyday that somebody finally puts him out of his misery and finishes the job he is obviously unqualified and incapable of doing.
Undoubtedly a masterpiece massacre in my eyes!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Kindle discount!!!

Great news people!!!
Amazon just lowered the price of their 6" Kindle!Check it out!

I had the chance to use it for a couple of hours and it's the best thing ever! I really want to make myself a 30th birthday present, but we'll see ;-)

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Boston through my eyes - II part

I was afraid that the rain would spoil the fun, but it was quite on the contrary, it was awesome 4th of July.

In spite of the rain and fog, some people were up for a swim with the Duck tour.


With all this fog, I thought I switched continents and we are in London.

or Venice

It turns out wet weather is the perfect time for a zoo visit. Couple of friendly toucans invited us for tea.

The bears were providing the honey as usual of course, some of them even got a taste while waiting.

Only the flamingos were in very pinkish-happy mood:

We visited Prudential and I took couple of pictures from the top.

Can you believe this is the 52nd floor?

Here is something I haven't seen in years- sugar crystals on a stick! That's what they served us with the coffee.

A nice walk through the city was just what we needed after 3 days of rain.

Sun+water+kids= always winning combination.

Add some modern architecture to the taste and you have the perfect vacation.

Isn't it awesome?

I wish we had the time to try one of these:

In the park there were celebrations for 4th of July and some people even got dressed for the occasion:

What?! Of course we had to know if the sword is real!


Boy, I miss this kind of clothing.

Isn't she unreal?

What is a trip without a couple of live statues:


And my favorite street musicians:
BostonWalk61 BostonWalk62
Some were busy feeding the horses, other ones were riding them for an eternity.
BostonWalk64 BostonWalk55

The sun came up and life was beautiful enough for a beach visit. Short visit ( because of the cold water) but nice one.

We even had the time to find a house for a hermit crab.

And happiness fit in my palm.

So, I am looking forward to the future, when we would visit again.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

4th of July in Boston- part 1

Hi all,
I am back from Boston and I have piles and piles of work waiting, so I would be really short today! I want to finish everything I have left ASAP so I can start posting all the stuff that is waiting in line to be released on the site.

All in all, I took a vacation.
Something that NEVER happens to me, but my father-in-law is visiting and here we are, planing a trip after trip, discovering the beauty of the US 5 ( for some 10) years later. I am completely aware how this sounds, but it's not personal ( to the US I mean), really!

It's just me and my husband, we never take a day of.
We do have "days off" that we are constantly trying to take a day off from, because these are the days when we do everything else ( tons of work usually) that is left aside for another day.

So it's kind of strange for me to not be able to do any work. I turned off my cell phone, I didn't bring my laptop ( but I kind of cheated a little bit with checking my e-mail once which is very much an improvement, believe me ), but I've finished a book I started reading earlier, so I consider this vaccation very "green". And green is cool, right? :-)

We spent 4 amazingly relaxing days! We stayed with a very close friend of mine and her family. They were gracious hosts enough to welcome us in their home even though they have 3mo. old baby and just moved into this house. It was very generous and nice from them.

I have a thing for Boston. At this point I am not sure what kind of thing though.
Is it that I am in love with it or it's just a rebound "relationship"? I am saying a rebound, because my hometown Varna is very much like Boston. And I miss my hometown...No! I miss the sea...And Boston gives me that and more, the feeling is like ... home. But I don't feel at home in Boston somehow.
It attracts and repels me at the same time.
I was happy I got the chance to know it better and I miss it, but I really missed home ( my home here!) more. I was so glad when we got back, that I spend whole 3 hours showering my house with care.

We visited a lot of different places and I have a lot of pictures. What I lack is HDD LoL! I just have to buy one of these portable ones I guess, because I am dying here! I have so many pictures that I don't have the space ( and time) to manage them anymore.
How do you guys cope with that???
Well, ( sigh) wish me luck, since I really have to find a way to do it today, so I can show you Boston through my eyes in the next posting :-).

Oh, and I have more food, cakes, reviews and scrapbooking projects for you, that just wait to be presented!
Now that I am here, I'll be posting every day again, check whenever you can, because there is so much stuff, I can even post twice a day.

Happy 4th of July, everybody!!!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Well deserved vaccation!

Hi all,
I should have written sooner, but I didn't want to spoil my luck :-)
I am in Boston and very much enjoying myself!
The only 3 days off I took for a vacation in.....I really don't remember how long! :-)
So, I have A LOT of stuff to show you and I will continue to post EVERY day as soon as I get back, so be ready! :-)

4th of July is the date!!!

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