Thursday, October 21, 2010

Don't you just love pink?!

It took me long daughter's birthday was 2 months ago and since then I've been thinking of posting her birthday preparation pictures. It's the first time we are doing anything in pink for her and it was quite something ( according to her and her guests). Well, don't blame me for the pink, I kept my ground long enough, believe me!

You have probably seen the post I wrote for the Tutu(s) I made for her birthday and her birthday cake, so I won't show any pictures of that, but she insisted on me publishing the "behind the scenes" version too.

So, let's start, shall we?

I got the invitations from Party city,  initially I wanted to make them myself, but when we were there I noticed these cards and I thought they fit perfect. The only thing I added was the actual tulle tutu on the cards. That I made by hand. 
Ellie's birthday invitations0003 (2)

We made perfumed confetti as well and added them in the envelopes. It came out very girly! :-)
Ellie's birthday invitations0004 (2)

This is how the birthday party began...
Ellie B-Day 20100002

Not the happiest kid on the block, right?
Ellie B-Day 20100015

I think it runs in the family, but whenever we girls are hungry, don't mess with us! 
(This is the part where the different shapes cucumber sandwiches, the fruit and vegetable platter and the nuts and dry fruit came in handy)
Ellie B-Day 20100022

Ellie B-Day 20100024 

A closer look
Ellie B-Day 20100028

The funny thing is that she chose the menu, the colors and how to arrange everything. Yeah, and she is only 4! I can't wait for the time she'll be 14! LoL
Ellie B-Day 20100033

Ellie B-Day 20100032 Ellie B-Day 20100034

After we ate the cake, it got even better!

Ellie B-Day 2010-40015

And that's how we finished! With a big, big smile!

Ellie B-Day 2010-30001

Monday, June 7, 2010

11 years

It's amazing how time flies!
Immersed in the everyday stuff...dealing with all kinds of good and bad things in our life we often forget that.

Me included.

I still cannot believe we just celebrated our 11th anniversary with my better half!
Every year is special...but not because of presents, actually we have an agreement not to spend money or spend very little, but to give or do things that mean something for the other person. Trust me, this is much more difficult task!

So, this year I did something I knew my husband wants since he was a teenager and finding something like that with him needs more than preparation and opportunity! It needs luck! And not a little bit of it!

But, this time chance was on my side! I found that one of my husband's favorite bands since he was a teenager have a concert very close to our home! What a better present for it, right?
11 anniversary present0001  11 anniversary present0002

I got the tickets and I wrote him 10 letters- one for the first ten years we were married with only one word in them:
1- Guess
2- Where
4- Will
6- in
7- Exactly
8- 30
10- ?

The last, eleventh letter had the tickets and a love note from me.

Then I tied them with a red ribbon and packed them in a "shirt" box, leaving the impression there would be clothes inside ( not a very inspirational gift, right?;-).

11 anniversary present0003

He absolutely loved fact he loved it so much, that he made one of the best surprises for me EVER! I don't usually like surprises, first because I almost always guess, second, because I don't always like them,
But this was way and beyond! :-)

Thank you, my love, my soul mate, my friend!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

New kids' bedroom adventure

I love redecorating, I love renovating... but I would prefer to design the remodeling, not to actually do it.
Alas, it has been  my fate to fix many houses in my life and the hard work involved has left me some lifetime reminders like back problems for example.

However, there is not a thing I wouldn't do for my kids and their room was the last one that needed renovation in our house. We had left it like that since we moved in and they have been asking constantly when we'll fix it. Once there were no cribs in the room and we have upgraded to twin beds it was time and I knew it.
My mom's visit this summer was one of the reasons why we had to rush too, so Saturday afternoon we ended up at Lowes choosing the color.

Not let me tell you about the color...
I don't usually have struggle as much deciding on the right color, but this time it was different. It's a boy AND a girl room...and we had very little money to invest in new furniture.

A challenge.

So, I finally came  up with the color and we went home and started to prepare for painting.

The walls....ah, the walls were like Swiss cheese...I am not kidding, take a look what we inherited with the house and I had to fix it:

Kids room (17)

Kids room (18)

See? I told you!
One of the things I don't like in the house are the doors. They are some kind of plywood or something and they look horrible. I've been thinking about painting them white, but I was afraid that the paint might not stick  to the surface because of the doors' finish. BUT shock and awe, I used primer and voila, we have white doors!

Kids room (4)

So, this is finally what I came up with, as the only new things we got were the curtains, the desk and the white shelves. Oh, and the punching bag, which my son got because he won 2 gold medals on the Tae Kwon Do championship.
 Kids room (10)

I wasn't completely sure about the color, until we actually put it on the wall. I absolutely love it and the kids had screamed with delight when they saw their new room.

Kids room (6)

Kids room (11)

Kids room (13)

Kids room (14)

I apologize for the quality of the pictures, they were taken with my cell phone's camera.

So, what do you think?

Thursday, April 15, 2010


So, here is what happened.

Typical Wednesday, waiting for my son to come back from school.

My phone rings. The neighbor ( an elderly lady) wants to remind me to trim the bushes on the side of the house.


 I was 100% sure we cut those bushes last Fall.
It turns out my husband thought they look great when they are taller then him, so he didn't feel the need to trim them. Well, it seems our neighbor doesn't share his excitement of having a "privacy jungle" on the side of the house so I had no choice but to start trimming them myself.

I grab the electric trimmer ( a small one!) and soon I find out that the branches are too thick to trim, rather I need to cut most of them with a saw.

Double great.
I grab the hand saw ( noooo, no electric one! It would have been so easy with electric one and where is the fun in that, huh?) and start cutting.

Now, if you are 5.2' tall person and you try to "trim" 9.5 ft high bushes you might think you'll need something to protect your head, maybe protective glasses and gloves too, right?

Yeah, not me. I go with the flow, the natural way.

So, naturally I got some very nasty natural scratches and natural scrapes and my hair was braided with natural branches and natural leaves allover.

Veeery natural indeed!

So, while I was trimming and cursing ( in my mind, there are kids around, don't get too excited) I got overexcited using the" power tool" ( aka. the small electric trimmer) after a long hacking and sawing of the larger branches and I swung too close by the power cord.

What do you know, power cords were made of rubber! Flash and sparks and big "surprise"- I cut the extension cord.

Triple great.

Going to the store.
While browsing through the isles to find a new extension cable I  have the intense feeling I'm being watched. I turn around and I see these 2 ladies over the cake decorating isle that are looking very intensively at me.

 I start to look around at my clothes and hair (I mean I cleaned up before I went to the store, but you never know) to see if there is something wrong with me.

Nope, I didn't find a thing wrong with me but 5 minutes later, they are still looking at me, but now they are talking excitedly about something.

Now I'm puzzled.

I decided to pass them by on one side, so if I know them and for some cosmic reason I have no recollection that I should know them, they can have the chance to say hi.

Well, they didn't say a thing to me, but passing them by I overheard them talking about............" Annie's Art book" !

Now, that was a surprise!

I turned around and I see one of the ladies very excitedly saying, " Oh, my Gosh, it's her!" while smiling with this huge smile at me. ;-)

What do you know...I am famous and I didn't even know that!

Isn't it GREAT?!!!  :-) 


 P.S to the two nice ladies from the store:  Hi! :-)

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Full Frontal- The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Most of the (nice) things you experience for a first time in your life are exciting and even though you can enjoy them again and again later, nothing can compare with that first moment.
Recently when talking to a friend about my first visit to the Met I described it as a " Kung-Fu Panda" experience.
Remember when Po, the Kung Fu panda walked in the Sacred Hall of Warriors for the first time?
No? Well, take a look:

Yep, that pretty much sums up how I walked in the Met- trying to devour every I can, yet wanting to stay and look at each thing in detail! I was a version of the " Flying Dutchman" and Hercules, with a bag with water, snack and clothes, a stroller, a camera bag + camera, a map and 2 kids. 

First we ended up in the Greek Sculpture section. I have only seen these on a picture  and since I  love Greek mythology it was unbelievable for me to see them in person! I wish I had the time to make couple sketches, but  there was so much time I can stay. 

A beautiful sculpture of Artemis, just look at the detail!
Metropolitan Museum0004Metropolitan Museum0006

My son loves the movie about Hercules and he was very excited to see the sculpture of course, and a soldier head on the right.
Metropolitan Museum0003 Metropolitan Museum0008

I remember when I was 15 I drew a black and white pencil drawing of a similar ornament, very beautiful!
Metropolitan Museum0009

Then we proceeded toward the Egyptian collection. They were showing Tutankhamen's Funeral, my kids loved it :-)
Metropolitan Museum0020

I absolutely loved this one:
Metropolitan Museum0021

Look at this Roman mosaic! Isn't it magnificent?
Metropolitan Museum0023

Is this made by a human?!
Metropolitan Museum0045

Simply breathtaking!
Metropolitan Museum0051

Indian stone carving, what can be better?
Metropolitan Museum0058

I wish I had more time to look at this marble Buddha! It's absolutely perfect!
Metropolitan Museum0060

Let's not forget modern Japanese art! Artificial rock-
Metropolitan Museum0062

This reminds me of the old school Bulgarian masters
Metropolitan Museum0073

Metropolitan Museum0039

If you would like to take a look at more pictures I made when I visited the Met, you can visit my Flickr album. 

I am definitely going back! I need to spend some time there, read, look, learn! 
I know that the pictures I showed you today cannot compare to seeing the artworks in person, but it's a teaser! Go, go and look for yourself, find yourself in it and share your excitement with us!


Sunday, February 21, 2010

We need your thoughts and prayers!

July 2009161

This is Krum!
He was a happy and healthy 18 month old Golden retriever Tuesday.
 Wednesday, after a surgery he went through ( he had a hernia and undescended testicles) he developed a massive infection!
He almost died Saturday and now is in a critical condition at the hospital.
I haven't written many posts since Wednesday because of that. I haven't slept for that matter either. 

We are all devastated and we were hoping for your good wishes and prayers!
Please, take a minute and send us some positive thoughts, we really need it!
Thank you!!!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Kindle DX vs. Kindle 6"

Ok, I have a dilemma.
I've written couple of times on the blog that I want to get Kindle and I almost ordered it 2 days ago but now I am having second thoughts. Initially I wanted to get the 6" one, but yesterday i heard Amazon is releasing on Jan 19th a new version, with Global Wireless called DX.
VS .
Now I am wondering, which one I should get and I need some help.
I wanted to ask you what do you think, is the DX worth double the money?

I mean, this is one of the important things, how much it costs, but if it's worth it, I can probably wait a little bit until they lower the price.
Maybe I am not even asking the right question, maybe I should better ask is the 6" Kindle still worth 250$?

A quick overview:
- the DX is with a bigger display ( 9.7" vs. 6"), I wear glasses, so I would prefer the bigger screen, but wouldn't it be too large to carry around?

- Both have a Global Wireless, which is good news, very important feature for me.

-One of the biggest differences is in the storage capacity- the 6" Kindle can store up to 1.500 books, the DX can store 3.500 books.Does that really matter that much? I mean...1.500 might sound like a lot, but is it really? I remember when we got my kids' Tag reader, I thought, when would they ever get 15 book on that thing, and now it's a huge problem and I am constantly adding and removing books from there.

-Both have books under 60 sec, 3G wireless, Native PDF Support, Text-to-Speech and Whispersync.

-However, the DX has a new feature, Auto Rotating Display, compared to the Kindle 6" that has only Manual Rotation.

-And of course there is the issue with the price- Kindle 6" for $259.00 vs. Kindle DX for $468.00.

What would you do- buy a 6 inch right away that "would do the job", it won't have all of the new features and would cost $260, which is a lot of money anyway, or should I wait for the price to drop on the DX and get that one?

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