Wednesday, July 20, 2011


If you have seen "Monsters Vs. Aliens" you know who I'm talking about. That's the name we gave to the blueberries we picked at the farm this week.
See for yourself:
Blueberries 201103

Not to brag, but these blueberries were the rule, not the exception. I have never seen more ginormous or more flavorful blueberries as these, honest! I think this is some special kind of blueberries, because at the same farm there were bushes with smaller( normal) kind too.
Blueberries 201101

I couldn't even take a picture of the biggest blueberry we've found ( my son ate it by the time I got my camera) but it was more than an 1.5". What did I say? GINORMOUS!
These blueberries were the perfect additions to my summer yoghurt deserts in a cup. YUM!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Cherries in the rain

 Cherries 201102

It's a week after I actually went cherry picking in the rain, but I still wanted to share with you something, a story about positive thinking and how it really works. Am I writing this about you...or just to remind myself when I'm feeling down, it doesn't really matter. What matters is that for once I felt like I made the right choice how I feel and the result was wonderful.
I won't go into to much specifics, but last Sunday at home started very dramatic. On top of that it started raining cats and dogs outside. It had all the promise to become a dreadful and long...long day BUT the moment I opened  my eyes I refused to let that happen. So, in spite of the rain, I planned for the us to go cherry picking. I knew that is going to stop the moment we go there and trust me, few things can compare with the taste of fresh cherries dressed in raindrops!
After we came home it was wonderful to see my whole family pitting cherries, the kitchen smelling of caramel and then to taste the delicious white cherry jam we made.
So sometimes, when life gives you rain, turn it into tea and drink it with ...white cherry jam!

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