Monday, December 31, 2012

Goodbye, 2012! Welcome, 2013!

I remember my farewell post for 2011. How much different I felt about it and how much less excited I was about 2012 than I am right now about 2013. I thought, nothing could top 2011.
I hate it when I am right about things like that.

On the other hand, this was a year of opportunity. So much love, excitement and hope are filling our home and we can't wait to welcome 2013 and everything that it has to bring us.

So, we are saying goodbye to 2012:
- a year when we had bread on the table
Christmas cookies LR2012 (27 of 40)

- a year when we had fun
Christmas cookies LR2012 (40 of 40)

- a year when we were bored sometimes
Christmas cookies LR2012 (14 of 40)
- a year  when we lifted each other up
Christmas cookies LR2012 (36 of 40)

- a year when we butted heads from time to time
Christmas cookies LR2012 (23 of 40)

- a year that I learned ( thanks to the camera remote of course) that we all can smile at the same time on a picture. :-)
Christmas cookies LR2012 (15 of 40)

-But most of all,a year we loved each other and stuck together through think and through thin. 
Christmas cookies LR2012 (17 of 40)

It might not have been the best year, but it was our year and we made the best of it.
Now? Now we can't wait for the love, luck, laughter and miracles ( big and small) that await us in 2013.

Friday, December 14, 2012

A wish

This post is not going to be funny, it's not going to be witty, it's not going to be clever or long.
My heart is heavy with sorrow, my eyes are heavy with tears. I'm hugging my two children, I am bewildered how to talk about the tragedy that took innocent lives today, how to explain why all of this happened, why some parents won't be able to hug their children anymore, why some siblings won't be able to love and tease each other again, why children won't get to see their parents come back from work ever again....
How do you explain what you can't possibly comprehend because it is an act so horrific and merciless, and leaves so many hearts and souls broken forever?  I don't know if I can...but I'll have to, and I will.

But now, now I will just cry silently away from their eyes and I will make a wish none of this happens to anyone ever again.
My Christmas wish....because of her...because of him...


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